During the month of July 2019, we are offering courses to suit your specific needs:

B1 Intensive Course 

For those of you needing one last push before you take your B1 exam

  • 2 hours daily from Monday to Friday.
  • All exams skills practiced: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • Continuous practice exams.
  • Price: 250 €.

B1 Maintenance Course 

For those interested in practicing their English during the summer months.

  • 3 hours a week.
  • Dynamic classroom activities to practice the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.
  • Some official exam practice exercises.
  • Price: 60 €.

Listening & Speaking Courses (B1 y B2)

The hardest bit for most English language learners is mastering Listening and Speaking.

  • One hour daily from Monday to Friday.
  • Official exam practice exercises.
  • Multimedia materials used in class (audio and video) and role play activities.
  • Price: 120 €.

English for Kids 

For the littlest ones.

  • One hour daily from Monday to Friday.
  • Course is based on an interactive curriculum that focuses on games and songs in English.
  • Price: 120 €.

Timetables for each course will be published one week before classes begin and will take students’ preferred schedule into account.

Registration period is from 20 May to 20 June.

Don’t delay, sign up today!