Who I am?

My name is Rafa Párraga. I began my journey offering Spanish as a foreign language courses a few years ago, to meet the needs of my students.

I deliver my lessons at my cozy little school. Because I love what I do, I mind all the details of running our school very carefully. My philosophy is that growing quickly is not as important as staying focused on my objectives: make learning Spanish enjoyable and fun.

What I do?

I offer Spanish language courses tailored to the needs of our local community. I always put my best work towards offering classes that are well-suited to my students. What sets Dale a la Lengua apart is my commitment to my job. For me, the quality of my classes is just as important as earning your trust. That’s why I combine the latest technologies and different teaching materials to offer you classes that are enriching and that help you gain confidence. I am committed to helping you learn in a safe, respectful (and fun!) environment.

Where to find me

The school is in the heart of Algodonales, a small “pueblo blanco” (white village) located in the Sierra de Cádiz. It’s location, 113 kilometers from the city of Cádiz in the Sierra de Lijar, makes Algodonales an ideal place to paraglide and take in the majestic natural landscape. Algodonales is a village well-known for its guitar workshop, its historical reenactment and its friendly neighbors.

At Dale a la Lengua we have two fully-equipped classrooms, a student lounge with a small cafeteria and library, and an interior patio with outdoor seating where our plants live. Come visit the school and see why this is the best place to learn Spanish.

Rafa Párraga

Rafa was born in Granada in 1967. In 1990 he obtained his degree in Spanish Philology at the University of Seville, where he also obtained a Certificate of Pedagogy. In 2013, he obtained the «International House» Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and he completed the Professional Development Course for Teachers of Spanish at the Instituto de Formación Continua at the University of Barcelona. In 2013 he opened Dale a la Lengua, originally a school for Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) in Algodonales (Cádiz). It was founded to serve the needs of the growing expat community in Algodonales and surrounding areas.